ich   sehne   mich    süchtig,    nach   hier   und   nach   da      zwischen   meinen   brüsten   ewig   verwoben   die   Kluft.   mein   erbe,   wie   Tinte   in   fasern   verhaftet,   bringt   mich   in   not,   es   zu   erklären,   hier   wie   da.   mein   wert,   wie   selbstverständlich   zugeschrieben   contra   meiner   interpretation,   hier   wie   da.   kriegerinnen   meiner    stärke   reichen    sich   die    hände    denn   wir    sind   die   lebendige   Brücke,   von    hier   nach   da;    treffen   wir   uns   in   der   Mitte.    save our souls.    


  • 100% Leather remains
  • Flex-Print
  • Handmade
  • ⌀1 cm x 4 cm

The bridge connect loose ends and offer a lot of styling options. [view all colors]

Like a plant that doesn't ask if it can grow here. This collaboration was a deep dive into a hybrid culture, the heritage of Zainab Khan was the common thread. Her roots are in Munich as in Pakistan with Panjabi and Rajput imprints.

"I long addictedly for here and there, between my breasts eternally interwoven the gulf. my heritage, arrested like ink in fibres, puts me in need to explain, here as there. my worth, obviously ascribed versus my interpretation, here as there. female fighters of my strength join hands, for we are the living bridge, from here to there; let's meet in the middle. save our souls." - HVEM Studio

A female fighter for label-free identity printed by sunlight. cyanotype is a complex procedure that creates unique patterns during the dying process, making each scarf one of a kind.

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